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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

admiring the beauty of bali

admiring the beauty of bali
Bali as claimed by its people, a tourism island, off course you will find a magnificent of its view. Like one we found here.

You see how green the nature is. How fresh the air is. Yea off course that would happen on certain places. I mean you wouldn't see a green or fresh air in the city Denpasar. Why ? because there are so many vehicles like cars or motor cycles on the street. Guess what would happen if the situation is like that ? yes, no other else would happen other than polution and traffic jam.

But don't worry about that, i mean it is a normal thing on a crowded city like Denpasar or Jakarta, and yea, there are another places that provide good view like this. So Bali may as well if we call it a tourism island without any doubt. O yes, and for information this pictures was taken on Sideman. Browse for more information about it.

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