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Thursday, November 18, 2010

the curiousity of tourists to balinese traditional culture

the tourist is curious to the culture of bali
One of the great benefit values of Bali is its friendliness and openness to foreigners. They allow travelers to view, query, and monitor and satisfy their curiosity on issues related to the culture of Bali.

If you are interested, as you see something new, do not hesitate to ask people near you. As a tourist island, certainly most people in Bali can speak English but not so well and smoothly, but at least they can provide you with good information.

You are allowed to cover, take pictures, but do not disturb the parade. One thing that may be necessary to take into consideration is to disable or turn your phone cell into silent mode. Because in most ceremonies there are times they use of Bali’s Spells and songs. They can be affected when you turn on or talk through your phone.

banten is sacred for balinese hindhus
 Never step on the offers or “Banten”, as in this picture. These objects are sacred and valuable to the people of the Hindu. Try to avoid it, even if these offers are often on the road, but they are not thrown, and it is actually not a trash.

Culture of Bali that interesting

The most famous of Bali’s culture is its traditional dance. There are many dances in Bali. Some are already well known worldwide. Some examples of dances that often occur in some places are: "Kecak Dance, Barong dance, line dance, Legong dance."

Traditional ceremonies, traditional ceremonies of Bali has proven to attract the attention of tourists. Some of traditional ceremonies of Bali to enjoy are: "Ngaben, Melasti, Eka Dasa Rudra, Ngrupuk, Galungan, Kuningan, Siwaratri”.

Some works of art that attract the attention of tourists is "gamelan art, sculpture ,and wayang".

Places of interest that you could see the culture of Bali.

Art Center :  a place where you can see all types of arts and culture of Bali, one of the greatest living and most famous was the "Bali Arts Festival" is held annually with participants from various regions throughout Bali.

Ubud : This is actually the name of a region north of Denpasar. And along the way to Ubud, you can find lots of art and a gift shop, and the masterpieces of local artisans. You can also find a variety of cultural, art museum of Bali in this area.

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