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Friday, November 26, 2010

just opened "serangan green festival" 26 - 28 nov

serangan green festival
Just re-opened today, for the second time, the festival of “Serangan Island Charm” right from Jaba pura sakenan. This festival involves dozens of communities like Environmentalists, bicycle lovers, old motorcycle lovers, photographer and supported by hundreds of artists both traditional and modern plus various types of culinary served here.

The Festival Theme

The festival this time having the main theme:  "Serangan Island Green Festival 2010". Hopefully, through this festival, Serangan will evolve into an integrated green area without leaving the characteristics and uniqueness. As multi-ethnic, multi cultural, spiritual, historical sites, various arts and culture, conservation of turtles, coral reefs, mangroves, marine wealth, the phenomenon of sunset and sunrise, various culinary and others.

The Festival Agenda

This event will be opened by the Mayor of Denpasar at 09.00 pm at Temple Sakenan. Starting with the inscription signed "Kubu Wisata" that is destined for the 20 traders culinary. Then followed by a symbolic tree planting directly followed by opening ceremony marked by beatings and rang the gong sungu. After the opening ceremony, the Mayor and his entourage will dock Ponjok to perform around the region menggrove green railing and planting of coral reefs (reef-bowl), remove the hatchlings and fish. At Melasti beach around the region, here the Mayor also start the race of the traditional boats which continued with a review of Marine Serangan Garden, a review of activities Devo garbage "Earth Restaurant" located at bugis village and then the Mayor and his entourage are welcome lunch break at the stand located culinary South at Jaba Pura Sakenan. Added also the Festival which took place from 26 to 28 November 2010 on the evening will also be enlivened with a variety of arts, one of them is gold printing aria and bondres dwi mekar Singaraja besides other entertainment.

Festival Event List :

Opening, 26 November 2010

-    Susur wisata hijau package
-    Kuliner Venue
Parade Jukung (traditional boat)
Green Care
-    Tukik Releasing
-    Coral reefs

Regular Package, 26 – 28 November 2010

Green tour package
Sea Culinary tour, Fishing, Barbeque, etc
Exhibition Serangan Potential
Art & Culture Performance
Students Green Camp

Other Package

Traditional Competition, Jukung (traditional Boat) & Kantih Swim
Public Service

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