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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kuta beach is good for surfers and families

kuta beach is good for surfers and families
Articles about kuta are already plenty much in the Internet, so we felt that we would not pile it up anymore. As a result, we will write about Kuta which is a bit different from what already exists to enrich the content in the Internet world

Kuta is popular with surfers and families to swim

As you can see in the picture, Kuta is a beach that is ideal for all sectors. Starting with families, surfers, couples, photographers and it is even the most strategic place to sell goods. The waves are not too large and mid-size in some places makes it very safe for families to swim and relax. The natural beauty with a charming sunset is preferred by couples to spend a romantic moment and photographers to create beautiful panoramic photos.

The waves even enough so that surfers can do some maneuvers with their surf board.

The sand in beach of Kuta is very white and clean because every day there are officers who are specifically for cleaning the garbage on the guests left. But to help their operation, we ask your support for not throwing garbage in not proper places.

As a result for their hard work and support from the visitors, the sand in Kuta is white and clean, there are many tourists who come to this Kuta beach for sunbathing. When you require an assistance, there are many workers who provide assistance to oil the sun oil in your back or give a massage to help you be more relaxed, most of these humanitarian workers are women, but if you want the power of men There are some that you can turn to for help, but their numbers are not as many as female workers.

In Kuta beach there are also lifeguard posts that you can go to if you want to ask for help or more information. Several lifeguard officers also conduct patrols to monitor security in the region around the beach so you can feel confident and comfortable doing activities. But yet still keep your valuables on yourself guard to avoid bad things happen.

Tips for families to swim

Sometimes the waves at Kuta can be quite large and quite dangerous for you to swim. The officer would usually in a ban on the beach and give warning sign to prevent you from swimming accidents. So confirm with the lifeguards or check the notice board before you swim.

If you bring kids, make sure your children stay within your protection and control. Don’t let them play deeply. Bars early in the first place with your body to know the safe limits for your child before you let your children swim, because there is no depth notice board as usually found in the pool. Make sure the area is safe, because beach has an irregular basis.

Note also surfers, avoid too close to them to avoid direct confrontation of the surfers who are riding their surfboard. Keep in mind that they were surf with fast speed, so it will be very difficult for them to avoid an obstacle located in front of them.

Remember to monitor and pay more attention to your luggage. Especially when you are bring your valuables together. But we suggest you to leave valuables in your hotel room or leave it to the safety box in your hotel. The Receptionist is the place where you can ask the hotel to inquire about safe deposit services.

Prepare a dime on the dollar for using the body shower or toilet. Since the beach of Kuta, in some places require you to enter a sum of money in a box to be able to use it. Usually there is a free service but you have to queue to use it.

Tips for surfers

You have to remember that not only you are on the beach of Kuta and enjoying it. Note also around you, there are a lot of people that are swimming around you. Do not get too close to them who were swimming, because you will find it hard to avoid it when you surf.

There are times where you are not allowed to surf, so first ask the officers of the Coast Guard for information before you surf. When the sea water is in a condition that can be quite harmful to you, then the officers usually install the warning sign, but it would be better if you keep asking.

Leave your baggage at the post for protection or on places they have directed.

Prepare a dime on the dollar if you want to rinse your body before returning to your hotel or residence.

Tips for public


Consider carefully your luggage. If you loss something, immediately report to the lifeguard posts or the nearest police station and provide detailed information as possible to ease their investigation.

Come to about 5 or 6 pm if you want to watch the sunset. If you want to spend the time before you see the sunset, there are many places where you can sit and relax to spend the time.

Throw the waste in its places. This is to help the officers and all of us in the maintenance of environment.

Prepare also some small amount change money, because in this place require you to pay to use the toilet or rinse. Probably around IDR 1,000 or IDR 2,000 depend on the policy of the area.

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