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Monday, November 22, 2010

mangrove forest exploration story

the entrance of mangrove forest

More stories about Bali Mangrove Forest Conservation Center

Okay now is the time for you to see more pictures and stories about an adventure along the mangrove conservation center in Bali. We already posted some information about the place but here we will add more story so you can imagine what will the place looks like.

 Before you start your adventure please note the following points:
  • Do not carry too much stuff. In this place you will walk for around and explore the mangroves. There will be no vehicle available to you. Carrying too much stuff will make you more tired. Leave your baggage in the car or bus, but make sure the safety first.
  • Bring a camera. It would be a pity if you do not take a picture while you visit it.
  • Prepare some money for an entrance fee. For more details about entry fees, check our post here.

Mangrove Forest Exploration Begin

You are now ready to explore. There are several routes you can take. Each has its own thing that they can offer for you to see. And some routes are still under construction but it will not hinder your journey. See first the map provided at the gate before you start your adventure.

After walking a while, you will see the first intersection. If you choose the route to the left, then you will find the bird tower where you can look around more clearly from the top. Oops, watch the warn board about maximum load. Do not ever go beyond it. You don’t want anything happen to you right?

mangrove forest crustaceans observation postIf you decide to keep walking straight and ignore the first junction, then you will see a bridge that is in under construction. Do not panic, you can still pass as long as you ensure yourself to be careful when you cross it. Then a few meters after that, you'll see all sorts of small animals like crustacean. You can see it more clearly in the post few meters from the bridge under constructed which you just pass.

Passing a few meters from the post there is a resting place which it is high enough for you to enjoy around more freely. Rest for a moment at the top and enjoy the scenery first. Do not worry; there is no weight limit this time. You can bring all of your party to rest up there.

place to rest in mangrove forestBelow the resting place you will find second intersection. If at the first intersection you choose the left and did not walk straight, then you will arrive here. Do not turn around in this place, there is still half the places you have not explored. But if you decide to return, then you can see the view in the form of a mini lake with mangroves and small shrimp around it. There is a rest post again in this place. Then you will end up at the first intersection next to the entrance gate.

Go straight! Your journey is not over yet! Oops, another half of the journey will be your story. We will only take you up to here.

Before we end our post, there are some things you should consider:
  1. You may not smoke in this place.
  2. You are not allowed to bring food from outside, or enjoy a meal inside.
  3. Do not write on the bridge or on the board with unnecessary words like "john have been here" or something like “John loves Nancy Forever”.
Wew,,,i wish i knew how to sort these images so i can provide more better look and more images to the post. Does any body who read the post know how to arrange pictures so it will look more neat on the post ? Please inform us with leave your comment below. Thank you.

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