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Saturday, November 20, 2010

the public transportation

taxi as public transportation in bali


One of the Public transportation in Bali is Taxi. They can be found if you wait for a moment on the roadside. But if you need an immediate service or if you are waiting not on the side road then you can call the taxi center in their line on (0361) 701111 to order the blue bird taxi or (0361) 701 621 for their customer care.

Actually there are other service than blue bird, but they are the fastest if we talk about service.

Some tips if you use Taxi

Make sure not to forget your luggage and leave them on the taxi. But if you do then you can call their customer care to ask about forgotten items. Off course you need to remember the taxi number you ride before.

Make sure the argo is running. Never believe if they use fixed price.

Confirm first their ID card on the dashboard. If they are not match, then you better not to ride it.


Bemo is another public transportation in Bali. But it is more traditional than taxi. They are cars that colored in blue or red depend on their route. They are real public service so you need to share with other people which also ride on the same vehicle with you. Their service almost like a public bus, or public train, but they are smaller like normal cars or taxi. Bemo is really cheap compare to taxi, as it is for public transportation.

Tips when you want to use bemo


Know your direction, because they will not take you to your exact destination. And choose the bemo color that direct to your destination or cross it.

Ask before you ride. They often cost you with outstanding number of money. Or they may be not passing your destination. So you better ask the driver before you ride on it.

Horse Cart

It is more to tourist transportation. Because they are not truly serve the public. The Horse cart is rare to see nowadays  so you need to charter one in Kuta Beach. It is perfect if you want to see surrounding but you don't want to walk. But they are not suite if you are in a rush.

Tips if you want to ride a horse cart

Bring camera. Because you will get a perfect pictures when you ride on them.

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