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Monday, November 15, 2010

see ngaben ritual ceremony in bali

ngaben in bali

Description of Ngaben

Ngaben is cremation ritual ceremony in Bali, particularly for the Hindu’s people in Bali. Ngaben ceremony is for family that left behind to deliver the souls of the deceased's and release its worldly attachments and can go to heaven and rest in peace. The ceremony is usually conducted by family of people who have been deceased as a form of respect for the children to their parents and also helped by local villagers belonging to the banjar.

The process of Ngaben ceremony in Bali

On the morning, the family and friends from the community will meet to prepare the ceremony. The body will be cleaned or washed that commonly called "Nyiramin", "Nyiramin" is led by people who are considered the most oldest in the community. After that, the bodies will clothed in Balinese traditional clothes same like a person who is still alive.

Then the whole family will give their last respects and prayers. When everything is ready, then the body will be placed in "Baden" and delivered to the cemetery where the ceremony Ngaben will hold, accompanied by a "gamelan", "sacred ballad," and followed by all the family and society. At each junction or intersection the "Baden" will “turn around” 3 times.

After arriving at the cemetery, the ceremony Ngaben performed with placing the body in "The Cow", which has been prepared. "Ida Pedanda" as master of ceremonies will say prayers of Ngaben in the form of mantras, after the mantras and songs are sung then the "Cow" will be burned to ash. The ash is then thrown into the sea or rivers that are considered sacred.

When is the Ngaben ceremony held?

To hold the ceremony of Ngaben needed a good day. a Good day, usually given by the clergy, after consultation with and based on a calendar. Until the day expected is arriving, the families will use the time span to prepare for "Baden and the cows" which are made of bamboo, wood, and paper of different colors.

I am interested and would love to see Ngaben, where should I look for information when the time of the procession Ngaben implemented?

As you probably know, the Ngaben procession is not occurs every day, to search for information when is the time of Ngaben aka cremation ceremony held, you can contact various tour operators and travel agents in Bali. But do not worry, pictures of Bali also has extensive information which you can rely, you can ask through the contact page and send us an e-mail or hold a live chat with us.

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