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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seeing a beautiful sunset in the "Tanah Lot"

seeing a beautiful sunset in tanah lot
As in the article we've written before, Tanah Lot is a tourist destination that would normally be visited at the end of a tour package. The reason could be different, the main course so you can see how beautiful the sun while immersed in this place. Another reason may be it is close to Denpasar when you choose it for your hotel.

Why is the sunset in the Tanah Lot so beautiful?

Tanah Lot is facing towards west. Thus you can see more clearly the sunset like the other beaches are also facing towards west. But one thing that sets it apart from other beaches, there is an "island" that could become an interesting object with a temple on it, which complement the views of the sunset itself. You can see in the picture that we include here is what kind of picture you will get when you visit it later.

One thing that makes it different from other similar beach, in Tanah Lot available different places for you to capture the sunset images from various viewpoints. Moreover you will get a perfect picture when you see it on the veranda of a hotel which was right near the Tanah Lot Temple. Unfortunately we do not remember the name of the hotel but do not worry; we will immediately create a new post about the hotel later.

Stay in the Tanah Lot

For those of you who feel afraid to come back at night as you see the sunset, you can try to stay in this place. There are so many choices hotels or villas that you can choose as a place to stay. Some even are very close to these attractions so that you can even see the temple and beach right from your room’s veranda.

The prices that they offer are in wide enough range. Some inns offer a cheap price of around U.S. $ 10 or IDR 100,000 for a night, or there are also villas offering price of approximately U.S. $ 35 to U.S. $ 60 or IDR 350,000 to IDR 600,000 for the cost. If you want to enjoy luxury, near this place there are also starred hotel called the Pan Pacific or formerly known as Le Meridien. Of course, their prices will be slightly more expensive when compared to other accommodation.

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