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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

nusa dua beach view

nusa dua beach

Huff…..after couple days of rain finally I managed to get some pictures when I visit nusa dua beach. You know, the beach is quite famous among the tourist. Maybe it is equal to the infamous Kuta Beach.

The visitor are mostly tourist or people who are in vacation in Bali. Not very much locals go here. The locals will either choose Kuta or Sanur because Nusa Dua Beach is actually quite far from Denpasar. So the visitor are either guest from nearby hotel or tourist who are in Vacation in Bali.

nusa dua beach

The beach is so peaceful and beautiful. There is no crowd like in Sanur or Kuta so we can enjoy the beach with more relax. The sand are white and soft, it is nice to lay down on the sand and enjoy the sun light. The place is actually pretty and clean, eventhough there are some dirt but it will not affect your relaxing moment as they are far from the spot as you can see on the picture we provide here.

Not only it is for tourism and relaxing purpose, Nusa dua beach is also liked by the fisherman. You can see there are a lot of fisherman spreading net or fishing from the edge of the small island, well you better see the picture for more clear image.

nusa dua beach

nusa dua beach

Like I mention above, there are small island you can visit to see the beach perfectly clear. You can also relaxing and sitting enjoy your lunch box or do another activities with your family and friends.

Here in Nusa Dua, there are a lot hotels you can choose. They are all very near to the beach. The one that are very famous are Westin Resort, Ayodya, Novotel. 

nusa dua beach

nusa dua beach

nusa dua beach

nusa dua beach

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

early fireworks and trumpet sounds

Bali is now celebrating

I am not very clear about what are they celebrating but if you are now in Bali, then you will understand what i mean. Everywhere we can hear trumpet sound, we can see firework splashed on the night sky as Bali is celebrating something.

On christmas eve or new year eve off course you can hear trumpet sound at all over places in Bali and also fireworks. It almost like a festival, a very big festival. Some streets like Legian or some on Kuta are closed for cars. The security will be very tight, but thanks for that we can enjoy all the crazies with secure feeling.

Where is the best spot to enjoy the celebrations?

Almost everywhere! You can enjoy the parties on Sanur, there will be so much entertaining event there, or in Kuta, this is the best spot i think but be careful of the crowd, you can also enjoy the celebration in Canggu, you know almost 20 % of the residence is Tourist, can you believe that ? Usually there will be so much artist performing on the eves, many live performance can be found in almost restaurants or hotels. No wonder they make agreement that anybody who books near the eve should also take the dinner as compulsory. So if you make a reservation now then you have to take the dinner at chosen restaurant and also have to paid for high season rates. Phew...that's go double for you. And also sorry dear, you will find it is so difficult for you to find empty hotels during this period.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

best restaurant in bali : gunawan restaurant

sunset view of gunawan restaurant

If you ask me the best restaurant in Bali, then I would recommend you the gunawan restaurant. Why? The answer is very simple, because the restaurant is very unique useful and interesting.

Previously I've written a bit about the restaurant gunawan on my previous post. Now I want to add more pictures and details about the restaurant.

restaurant gunawan

This place is almost never empty. So you should book in advance if you want to enjoy lunch at this place. Why lunch? because at the time of day you can see the landscape more clearly. How to order? hmmm .... Unfortunately I do not have the official site of gunawan restaurant. But you can make reservation through e-kuta with email address or you can simply try to contact them via phone lines at (0361) 2786524. e-kuta even offer cheaper prices when compared to published prices. Please see the official website of e-kuta. Unfortunately this website is in Indonesian language, so maybe you need google translate to help you read and understand the contents of the e-kuta.

kintamani view from inside of restaurant gunawan

Oops, before the conversation even further off the mark on the e-kuta, should I go back to the main topic at this time, the gunawan restaurant. You're curious about what you can get here until I really recommend it to you. Okay, once again I described to you, Gunawan restaurant is one of the great restaurants in Bali. How big? Well big enough to accommodate a helicopter park. LOL. Gunawan Restaurant located in a hilly area. So you can see the scenery around in more extensive and more clearly. You can even enjoy views of Lake Batur and Mount Batur of Kintamani exclusively from a few tables near the window.

Phew we talk a lot about the scenery ... and what about the meals? Do not worry, restaurant gunawan is an international standards restaurant. And the meals are all halal and healthy to enjoy by various kinds of people. You do not have to worry about the taste, because you will not be disappointed when you are in the restaurant later.

Monday, December 13, 2010

good hotel in kuta : aston kuta hotel & residence

aston hotel kuta and residence entrance

Okay, this time we will add more information about good accommodation in Bali. Aston Kuta is one of the favourite hotel in bali so it is hard to find empty room and usually fully booked especialy during this high seasons. The good thing about this hotel is the hotel is very near to the beach. So you can enjoy and explore more the famous Kuta with cost that are not too expensive.

We have some wording from Aston Kuta. If you are interested to see their offers or rates, you can check Aston Kuta official website here.

A contemporary sanctuary just a short stroll from the world renowned Kuta Beach, the Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence provides a stylish and comfortable atmosphere as your home away from home. With it's trend setting restaurants, roof top lounge and luxurious guest rooms designs- each guest will have a truly remarkable experience.

While the hotel is situated in a peaceful and quaint area of Kuta it is just short walk
(50 metres) from the world renowned Kuta Beach and the heart of Kuta's restaurant and shopping district.

aston kuta hotel and residence deluxe room

Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence has 209 guest rooms, banquet and meeting facilities, business center, gymnasium, swimming pool, spa services and 24hr room service.

As it is just a 5 minutes drive from Bali's International Airport, you can optimize your time while you are in paradise island.

Aston Kuta Hotel & Residence has 209 guest rooms, banquet and meeting facilities, business center, gymnasium, swimming pool, spa services and 24hr room service.

As it is just a 5 min drive from Bali's International Airport, you can optimize your time while you are in paradise island.

aston kuta hotel and residence restaurant

Aston Kuta Features and Facilities :

• 'Sugar & Spice' Coffee Shop
• 'Ruby Tuesday' Lobby Lounge
• 'The Lighthouse' Rooftop Lounge
• 'Tropical Bliss' Pool Bar
• Wi-fi / broadband
• Banquet and meeting facilities
• Spa & Body treatment
• Business Center
• Shuttle bus to Kuta Center
• Swimming Pool
• Kids Pool
• Kid's Club
• Gym
• Laundry & Dry cleaning
• 24 hour room service
• Covered car park

Room Facilities :

• Bathtub & shower
• 32 inch LCD with cable TV
• Safety box
• Make up mirror
• Writing desk
• Sofa
• Self controlled Air Conditioning
• Full bathroom amenities
• Hair dryer
• Mini bar
• IDD telephone
• Wardrobe
• Slippers
• Universal outlet

aston kuta hotel and residence map

Aston Kuta Hotel and Residence
Jl. Wana Segara No. 2-5, Kuta 80361 Bali - Indonesia
P: +62 361 754 999  F: +62 361 765 506

Sunday, December 12, 2010

bali tourism object : bedugul

corn statue in bedugul

Maybe I have mention about Bedugul so many time in my previous post, but not actually put any real picture about it then now I will pay my debt and give you the pictures I get from bedugul. But, a one life regret happen again like one when I go to kintamani, the camera’s battery was run out at the time. Surely this will be your good tips also when you are on tourism object : make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged!

entrance to bedugul botanical garden
tourist in bedugul

Bedugul is located in tabanan regency and quite far from denpasar. In Bedugul, there are so many good hotels and restaurants you can choose if you want to stay overnight to enjoy more the scenery in here. Because one day is not enough to please you to see the view of bratan lake and ulundanu temple. Not only that, you can also enjoy flowers and other unique plants to add more your knowledge in Bedugul Botanical Garden. They have wide amount of plant and flowers collection, and for addition you can also enjoy adventure like flying fox and other activities.

bedugul traditional market

traditional market in bedugul

Bedugul is so known with its rabbit. No wonder here in Bedugul, Rabbit Satay is so well known and famous among the tourist. You can meet with other tourist and have a chat on each restaurant while try the well known rabbit satay.
The other thing that famous in bedugul is strawberry. You can buy it per pack for only around USD $ 1 or around IDR 10,000. if the seller give you price more than that, try to bargain more. Check our tips for shopping in Bali here. The tips is always useful as long you are planning to buy something in Bali.

bedugul bratan lake

bratan lake bedugul

For accommodation, we suggest the strawberry hills hotel. It is very good and very near to the bratan lake and other tourism object. Check their official website here for more information about it, actually we have contact them to ask more about their service and pictures but they still not answering my email. So to avoid copyright thing I postpone the article and may be will update it someday. There are also many villas around Bedugul but I still collecting more information about it.
Now we move to bratan lake, here you can see the famous “floating temple of ulundanu” and other unique temple. Here also you can rent boat to enjoy the lake. There are also freelance photographer here to take your photograph for only USD $ 2 or around 20,000. They take your picture with Polaroid camera so you can have the result very soon. There are also many souvenir shop you can browse. As usual try to bargain first before you deal. They are selling so many stuff for souvenir like arts, painting, unique accessories and many other thing.

bedugul souvenir shop
souvenir shop in bedugul
bratan lake
entrance to ulundanu temple bedugul
temple in bratan lake bedugul
bedugul bratan lake garden

explore the beauty of bali with bali adventure

bali adventure tours
You are looking for another unique experience for your vacation in Bali. Bali Adventure Tours is your partners then. Bali Adventure Tours offers you different and unique sensation of exploration the beauty of Bali. Here are wordings from Bali Adventure Tours.

bali adventure tours

Rapid Appeal of the Ayung River
There are so many white water rafting companies to choose from in Bali, so how do you make a good decision ? Aren't they all on the same river with the same rapids and how do you tell the difference ? As the pioneer of the islands first White Water Rafting operation, we have the privilege of rafting the longest rapids on the river, which means you get the longest ride for your dollar!

Elephant Safari Park & Lodge
See how the elephants paint, play basket ball hoops, do maths, and spray water for good luck ! Our Parks Talent Discovery Arena features four complimentary presentations a day revealing much about the talented behavior of our rescued Sumatran Elephants. The talent displays are fun and informativeand show the fascinating adaptations of elephants, their characteristics, habits and need for conservation.

bali adventure tours

Tropical Treks
Discover the natural beauty of Bali on a trek through the ancient Hindu village of Taro, Expert guides detauk tge cyktyresm cystins abd tradutuibs if vakubese dauly life and the tropical landscape if bamboo forest and rice fields. Enjoy fruits, spices, coffee, coconut and palm plants en route to the Elephant Safari Park. A buffet lunch finale is served in our Park Restaurant followed by an Elephant Talent Show. A safari ride is included in the double package tour option.

bali adventure tours

Saturday, December 11, 2010

living on a village in bali

living in a village in bali

Now is the time to talk a little about live in Bali. These past few days i back to my home town, it is in a village very near to Denpasar. At the time in my hometown, the people there are preparing for galungan day. They setting up penjor, making up the Pura with kamen, and make so many "ketupat". They are so busy to prepare "lawar" and "babi guling" or "pork roll". During these time i try to collect pictures from my surrounding and will share it for you. May be one of you interested to see how is the live in Bali looks like.

The road is very small. It can only passed by two cars. If more than that, one of the car should come inside somebody's yard so the other car can pass. But outside of that the live in the village is so calm and peaceful. We can go to see river with its clean water. But at the time i didn't go to the river. And there very wide rice field.

living in a village in bali

The minus point here is the people isn't understand about sanitation at all. They put their trash outside of their house and waiting for cleaning officer will pick the trash up. But for information, the cleaning officer need at least 2 days to pick the trash from each villages so during the time, around the house will fill with smell.

living in a village in bali

Above pictures is what we call "Sanggah cukcuk". Called "cukcuk" is because we have to dig a hole to put the "sanggah" in it. If Galungan day are near or another big holiday in Bali, the people will prepare "sanggah cukcuk" and "penjor".

Well how is the story about living in Bali ? not much interesting ? wew...don't be so harsh. Actually living in Bali is very interesting. It is so peaceful and calm. May be you are interested to stay in Bali, don't worry, you can have a house for only USD $ 30,000 or around IDR 300.000.000 depend on the location. Or you can also rent a Villa for whole month. They will give you cheaper price if you do that. There are many Real Estate you can contact if you looking for house or villa for your place to stay.

luxury holiday in sheraton senggigi hotel

sheraton senggigi hotel beach view

Actually Sheraton Senggigi Hotel is on Lombok and not in Bali. But because Lombok is not very far from Bali and the nature beauty of Lombok is equal or even more to Bali.

Senggigi is an area inside Lombok which the beach is very beautiful, so blue and clear. White sandy beach of Senggigi has become a famous tourist destination for years that is way around Senggigi area there are so many accommodation you can found.

Sheraton Senggigi Hotel is one of the best hotel in Senggigi Area.  Situated on very strategic place, Sheraton Senggigi offers ultimate luxury to your vacation. Here are some words from Sheraton Senggigi Hotel :

sheraton senggigi hotel rooms

Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort is perfectly and ideally situated on a prime location on the beautiful palm fringed Senggigi Beach. The Resort is the only 5 star rated hotel in Senggigi  area. It is only 20 minutes drive from Selaparang airport where during the journey to the hotel you can enjoy the magnificent views of sparkling blue oceans.

Sheraton Senggigi has 154 rooms , suites and villas. All rooms are with private garden terrace  or balcony facing the ocean, are equipped  with modern amenities, private bathroom with shower, air conditioning , IDD telephone, high speed internet access, TV and  minibar, hair dryer, and a full range of toiletries. There are also non smoking floors and specially designed rooms for the comfort of disabled guests

sheraton senggigi hotel pool

You can pampers yourself with adequate facilities. Restaurants, bars, fitness centre with sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, spa and body treatment

sheraton senggigi hotel spa

 If you interested with their service you can visit their official website here to find more information or to check Sheraton Senggigi price rates. Or directly contact them here to make online reservation. You would never regret if you holiday in sheraton senggigi hotel.

Friday, December 10, 2010

beautiful hotel in bali : royal pita maha

Pita Maha Resort is set into the landscape of the Tjampuhan valley and recreates the gentle ambience of a small Balinese community through a collection of 24 boutique styled villas. Owned by Ubud’s revered Royal family, the resort is dedicated to Bali’s rich cultural heritage and the skills of local artisans.

A choice of three thatched villa categories have been designed to anticipate every need with specious living and sleeping environments that are personally serviced by a team of loyal staff. Pool Garden Villa initiates elements of traditional Balinese architecture, Garden Villa offers a private retreat surrounded by native flora, while the family oriented 2-story Pool Duplex Villa captures the relaxed mood of a holiday residence.

Pita Maha Spa takes weary travelers on a journey of sensory indulgence. Nestled within the villa compound, offers a concise menu of nurturing body treatments with the facilities of a steam room, Jacuzzi and spring water plunge pool. Terrace Restaurant at Pita Maha Resort treats diners to cuisine infused with Asian spices as well as selection of international dishes.

I introduce to you another fantastic Hotel in Bali to add more sensation to your vacation. Similar with Ubud Hanging Garden, Wich i have mentioned here before, this hotel is also very unique. With Pools that are on the hill so you can see surrounding area with more freely.

Not only that you will get if you stay in this hotel. You can also can enjoy your meal time on the restaurant while enjoy the view. The menus are all well cook and very delicious.

You have now know what is the hotel look like, so now you are wondering about the room. All the room here are very clean and comfortable. And another good point is you can see surrounding view right from room's window. Isn't that amazing ?

If you are interested with their service you can contact them here :

Pita Maha
A Tjampuhan Resort & Spa
Jl. Sanggingan, P.O. Box 198 Ubud – Bali
Telephone: +62361 974330
Fax. + 62361 974329

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

what to know when shopping in bali

balinese traditional art

Spread throughout Bali are shopping areas that you can spend days in many unusual shops. The most popular of Bali hotels and resorts are located in the south of Kuta and has long been there as the heart of the traveler, it is expected that the hotel in the commercial area more fashion has been built here. The other area of Bali, which offers a shopping experience that is the polar opposite is Ubud. Ubud is the artistic heart of Bali and the creation and that is where you can find the glorious works of art at home. Shopping Bali is not just a question of going into a store, selecting the item and pay for it, is intended to be funny and make an attempt to conclude an agreement is an element of excitement.

art market in Kuta is an ideal place to hone your skills on the purchase of barter. In developing countries, Indonesia is recognized that you will try to barter for a purchase, the owners do not be offended if you try to get a better price. Negotiation is a way of life there and if done in a friendly way, will soon be laughing away with the seller, the declaration of bankruptcy and waving his hands around. If, after attempts to barter does not bring any joy, explain that the price is simply too high and slowly walk to most of the time the seller will call you back with an offer of much better.

It is best to look around before buying anything because prices can vary widely, even outside of a few booths. Product quality can vary and you should ensure that you pay a reasonable price for what you buy. The stores are filled with handicrafts from Bali that are unique and quite seriously, even if you say they are very original, if you're really looking for work in hand of Balinese art quality is much better to take a trip to the mountainous area of Ubud.

The memories are located in the refrigerator magnets Bali flights for works of art that are made more obvious by the Balinese people. For the most fantastic piece of art Ubud is definitely the place to go. The whole area is surrounded by small towns which have focused on a craft or art for centuries, passing their knowledge from generation to generation. Wood carvings are very popular as a gift or keepsake that the sculptures are extremely complex and can be anything. Many girls in Bali still weave their own fabric and materials and designs that are created and are a wonderful gift for someone. While Ubud is located inside it is quite easy to find. Most hotels offer tours of Bali and the near island that include Ubud.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

canoeing on merthasari beach, sanur

My trip this time only got to the beach of Merthasari Sanur. Every week here will be very crowded place visited by families on their holiday. They will swim with their children, canoeing, or just relax and lay on clean and soft sand. In certain seasons, for example in June until August, at this place frequently held festivals. Such as kites and culinary festivals. Visitors will be very crowded arriving at these seasons.

We left quite early this morning, around 8 o'clock. Apparently the place is already crowded with people who are enjoying their holiday. Luckily, we still have a place for rest and put our bags and then canoeing. We rented 2 canoes, each of it cost us IDR 20,000, or approximately USD $ 2 for 3 hours.

Oh .. sorry sorry, I forgot to inform you of this location. Quite easily actually to reach this beach. You simply run along the path of by pass Sanur which direct to Ngurah Rai by pass. Look to your left side and then you will find a board that reads "welcome to the tourist beaches Merthasari." After a placard with "Mercure Sanur".

When you feel hungry while relaxing in this place, you can order a traditional Indonesian meal like Lumpia with a price of about IDR 4.000 or USD $ 0.4. Or you can also try roasted corn at 3.000 IDR or USD $ 0.3.

Enjoy your vacation. And don't forget to wear your safety helmet when you swim ^_^

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