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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

how bad is a traffic jam in Kuta?

As a tourist attraction, at least Kuta has 2 weaknesses. The first is the severe traffic congestion and the second is difficult to find cheap stuff in this place!

Although very many people came to Kuta, but the road to access it is very small. No wonder at a certain hour or certain times of severe traffic congestion is inevitable. Many tourists complained therefore, even the locals were complaining about it. Moreover, some recent time many roads that are in the renovation or reconstruction thereby increasing congestion in many roads.

Congestion like this happens usually because of the ceremonies surrounding the venue. Basically whenever Kuta flooded with visitors, traffic congestion will always occur. Even once the place is jammed, the long queue of vehicles that can reach tens of kilometers!

Sometimes the government try to fix this with often closed several roads leading to kuta. But still, this is still not effective until today. Even from 27 November last at Kuta enacted Car Free Night, but still, at the day time congestion always happens.

Two things happened because of this congestion. The first tourists to visit Kuta feel reluctant to visit it so that some tourists feel more comfortable choosing Ubud as an alternative. The second is the pollution. Although congestion does not affect much for pedestrians but still no one who would like wisps of smoke and noise of vehicles.

Tourists who want to impose their will to enjoy Kuta usually be fished more money to pay for hotels or villas that are located around Kuta, although with a more expensive price. They will then choose to walk than to use public transportation or rent a car because it is considered more effective than spend countless hours participating in traffic.

2 komentar:

dee on December 5, 2010 at 11:26 PM said...

Hi..salam kenal:D wow! not only Jakarta,, kuta is also traffic jam everyday, hmmm hopefully the transportation could be better and can be solved soon! Thanks Bali.. one thing that I remember from kuta is gorgeous! I wanna back someday there..

sansan on December 6, 2010 at 7:59 AM said...

hi,,,salam kenal juga. yap! not only jakarta. even Kuta is also has a traffic jam everyday.even now,because the construction, it is getting worse. if you wanna come to Bali, let me know. i'll show you around.


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