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Saturday, December 11, 2010

living on a village in bali

living in a village in bali

Now is the time to talk a little about live in Bali. These past few days i back to my home town, it is in a village very near to Denpasar. At the time in my hometown, the people there are preparing for galungan day. They setting up penjor, making up the Pura with kamen, and make so many "ketupat". They are so busy to prepare "lawar" and "babi guling" or "pork roll". During these time i try to collect pictures from my surrounding and will share it for you. May be one of you interested to see how is the live in Bali looks like.

The road is very small. It can only passed by two cars. If more than that, one of the car should come inside somebody's yard so the other car can pass. But outside of that the live in the village is so calm and peaceful. We can go to see river with its clean water. But at the time i didn't go to the river. And there very wide rice field.

living in a village in bali

The minus point here is the people isn't understand about sanitation at all. They put their trash outside of their house and waiting for cleaning officer will pick the trash up. But for information, the cleaning officer need at least 2 days to pick the trash from each villages so during the time, around the house will fill with smell.

living in a village in bali

Above pictures is what we call "Sanggah cukcuk". Called "cukcuk" is because we have to dig a hole to put the "sanggah" in it. If Galungan day are near or another big holiday in Bali, the people will prepare "sanggah cukcuk" and "penjor".

Well how is the story about living in Bali ? not much interesting ? wew...don't be so harsh. Actually living in Bali is very interesting. It is so peaceful and calm. May be you are interested to stay in Bali, don't worry, you can have a house for only USD $ 30,000 or around IDR 300.000.000 depend on the location. Or you can also rent a Villa for whole month. They will give you cheaper price if you do that. There are many Real Estate you can contact if you looking for house or villa for your place to stay.

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bram on December 13, 2010 at 11:20 PM said...

village full of traditions and rituals that attract


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