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Friday, December 03, 2010

read the sign board

read the sign board

Find information with read the sign board

Okay so now you are in Bali. You're in a world almost completely unfamiliar to you, Yes definitely if this is the first time you come here. No need to feel nervous or awkward, Bali has been so used to overcome the travelers like you. All you have to do is respond and read every sign board provided.

All right I give you example. When you try to visit the temple of Besakih, you will find a sign board that says you are required to wear traditional clothing to enter them, and women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter. It seems clear enough, and do not even try to play with it. They have good reason to put these boards and it is good for all of us. Next you need to do after the response and reading the information, is asked. Almost every tourism spot in Bali has a information center or the officer who is ready to provide information when you ask. Ask them how you can get into this Besakih temple. They will be happy to explain it to you and even guide you if needed to the Free of Charge.

where is the sign boards ?

Places where it could endanger visitors, they will always put a warning sign in the places that could be seen. Like the beach, cliffs, or any other high places. Let's say you're on holiday and relax in Kuta. Then you are tempted and want to swim but for a few seconds later you see a warning sign that said: "danger to swim", do not consider it nonsense. "Hey just yesterday I saw so many people swim and surf in this place. How can in a day there should be no longer allowed to swim? "If you ask like that in your mind? so the answer is unfortunately, a condition where the sea water will always continue to change, and so does this beloved Kuta. Every moment could have turned into a high sea and coast guard will forbid anyone to swim. That’s for our own goodness. You should be happy with their care.

why should i follow stupid sign boards ?

There are also many other warning signs that sounds ridiculous but never ignore it. I mean, in this place the Balinese are very often dealing with strangers, and foreigners are not familiar with what's around them. And these boards is to tell them what they should do and avoid. This is not just a warning hygiene such as "prohibited from disposing waste in this place" but more towards the religious and belief but not fiction.

It noted on many local newspapers, you can see it at least within one week there are 2 cases involving foreign tourists. And some of these events are an accident. Why this happens? Simply put, they do not heed the warning board and do as they pleased. This is not a mystical thing, and also not to scare you. But see the example I give in illustration on the image above. They said “You should not jump”. Why? break them and jumping can make you hurt. Simple isn’t it ? Then the next word is “sit is prohibited”. Why? Because the stair is very small, when you sit down, it will make people behind you difficult to pass through an even allow them to fall for it. Sounds more reasonable? The conclusion here is if you do not want anything happens during your vacation, obey and please read the information boards. Ask to the closest person or information officer when you have problems. Asking will not make you look stupid or whatever, and most people in Bali have been able to master a conversation in English, though not so good. But enough to give explanations and answering questions.

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