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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Damai Residence

After so many years sleep in slumber finally i manage to update my poor blog. On this opportunity i would like to introduce a newly finished residence which very near to my place and its look is good, clean, and very near to beach.

Anyway if you are planning to stay in Bali especially Canggu area for a very very long period staying at hotel is not a good idea. Off course if you have very high budget that is still in an option but really i more suggest you to rent Villa than wasting more cost on staying in a hotel. But renting villa for long term stay also will dry out your wallet very soon then i suggest you to rent a house instead. But again, actually i hate to say this but here in Bali especially in Denpasar, Kuta, or Canggu, finding a decent place which is friendly with budget are almost considered waste of effort. I mean finding it will be very very difficult. Unless you have unlimited amount of time, you may try to look for it on some property website like,, or any other site that narrowed search list but just pray your luck is on the highest. Then you may consider some residence and one of those nice solution is Damai residence.

Damai residence looks very luxury but in very affordable price perfect for long stay. In top its location are perfectly strategic as it is very near to brawa beach. Not only to Brawa beach, for those who like night life then the place is a perfect choice for you. Just 10 minutes drive to Seminyak and you can enjoy your night life in bless. Not forget to mention 45 minutes drive to Tanah Lot. Hmm. how do you think ?

Lets say with just US $ 18,000 / year for 2 bedrooms or US $ 11,000 / year for 1 bedroom i bet you will agree with all my statement above with all luxurious things you get. May be for comparison, a not too luxury Villa rates are around US $ 12,000 / year.

But if you are not planning to stay for very long period damai residence also provide rates for daily, weekly, and monthly. The perfect option when you run out Hotels option.

A good place for honey moon, or rather i say mostly of the guest now are honeymooner.
And most of them are from europe especially Italian. Perhaps if you are from Italia then you maybe see your friend here.

Damai residence also provide you with terrace where you are able to enjoy nigh scene. Just imagine you are sitting there enjoying night scenery together with your lover. While drinking coffee together the two of you smile to each other and talks until late night. Yup, that's probably romantic enough.

Well anyway that's my review about a newly finished residence in Canggu area. Oh and also if you are interested to book damai residence you may email me :

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