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Friday, November 05, 2010

be carefull when playing on beach

No no he isn't dead ! Just " floating ". No cases happen like drowning as the beach guards are watching you play on the beach. And for " him ", the beach guard successfully prevent him from drowning on the water. And now he live happily ever after. Well that's what we guess.

But we may as well warn you to not get careless and let your guard down even the beach guards are there. You surely don't want anything happen and ruin your happy holidays in Bali.

And remember to read carefully for any sign that say " Do Not Swim Here " and never try to swim on a beach that have a board sign like that.

Some beaches on Bali are having a high tide so do not go too far when you swim. Safe beaches for you and your family to swim is like Sanur beach, Brawa beach, Kuta beach, or any other beach that have beach guards watching when you play around on the water.

Oh, and yes, if you ever seen people that need a help like on the picture, DO NOT stand there and just taking their photograph, help them if you are able to swim, if you are not then contact the beach guard for help.

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