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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The sexiest beach ever : Kuta

Kuta is sexy

We know you love Kuta !

Everyone loves it, you love it, they love it, I love it, WE LOVE IT. That’s why we post another article about Kuta. AGAIN. Just try to count the number of tourist that visit Kuta in a year. What is your result? Well we wouldn’t count for it. It is easier to count the number of tourist that didn’t visit Kuta when they on a Holiday in Bali. The number will come in less digits.

Kuta seem have magic that attract people’s attention. Families, Couples, Tourists, Locals, Kids, Adults, all of them have their own fun on the beach. They enjoy it with surf the wave, enjoy it with laying on the sand, some of them playing football with their friends, while couples enjoy the sunset and romantic moment, and photographer seek for objects.

Will somebody hate Kuta ?

Who wouldn’t people love the sexy Kuta beach? With it white and clean sand, comfortable sun shine, nice breeze, safe to swim sea water, many accommodation along it, so much interesting places, so many you can do there, so many stories come from this place. Who haven’t heard about the famous “cowboy in paradise”? The story is begin from here.

You can rent a surf board, learn how to surf, looking for girls, swimming, sun bathing, enjoy dinner with beach view on the sea side restaurant, admire the sunset from your hotel room like one on Hard rock or other Starred Hotels, shaking your body on the music sounds by the nearby clubs and start your nightlife party, so much you can do here.

What will be in Kuta ?

Start from December until new year, Kuta will so full like crazy. The climax will be on the Christmas Eve, and the New Year eve. There will be firework parties, music ringing everywhere, trumpets, peoples dancing on the beach side, it will be so crowded. No cars allowed crossing, the security will be so tight, everywhere full of people.

So start books your trip from now. And enjoy the party on the beach. It will be very difficult for you to get sea side accommodation during this season but don’t worry. There is an alley named “Popies”, you can find it if you walk along the beach road. Inside there, there will be plenty of cheap hotels you can choose. But they are not having online booking or book from phone service. So you need to reserve the room right from their doors. They only cost you for US $ 5 per day. You can stay there for full month with cheaper cost. They are perfect alternative during this season. But they don’t have any pools. Who needs a pool if you can swim on the beach ?

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