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Sunday, December 12, 2010

bali tourism object : bedugul

corn statue in bedugul

Maybe I have mention about Bedugul so many time in my previous post, but not actually put any real picture about it then now I will pay my debt and give you the pictures I get from bedugul. But, a one life regret happen again like one when I go to kintamani, the camera’s battery was run out at the time. Surely this will be your good tips also when you are on tourism object : make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged!

entrance to bedugul botanical garden
tourist in bedugul

Bedugul is located in tabanan regency and quite far from denpasar. In Bedugul, there are so many good hotels and restaurants you can choose if you want to stay overnight to enjoy more the scenery in here. Because one day is not enough to please you to see the view of bratan lake and ulundanu temple. Not only that, you can also enjoy flowers and other unique plants to add more your knowledge in Bedugul Botanical Garden. They have wide amount of plant and flowers collection, and for addition you can also enjoy adventure like flying fox and other activities.

bedugul traditional market

traditional market in bedugul

Bedugul is so known with its rabbit. No wonder here in Bedugul, Rabbit Satay is so well known and famous among the tourist. You can meet with other tourist and have a chat on each restaurant while try the well known rabbit satay.
The other thing that famous in bedugul is strawberry. You can buy it per pack for only around USD $ 1 or around IDR 10,000. if the seller give you price more than that, try to bargain more. Check our tips for shopping in Bali here. The tips is always useful as long you are planning to buy something in Bali.

bedugul bratan lake

bratan lake bedugul

For accommodation, we suggest the strawberry hills hotel. It is very good and very near to the bratan lake and other tourism object. Check their official website here for more information about it, actually we have contact them to ask more about their service and pictures but they still not answering my email. So to avoid copyright thing I postpone the article and may be will update it someday. There are also many villas around Bedugul but I still collecting more information about it.
Now we move to bratan lake, here you can see the famous “floating temple of ulundanu” and other unique temple. Here also you can rent boat to enjoy the lake. There are also freelance photographer here to take your photograph for only USD $ 2 or around 20,000. They take your picture with Polaroid camera so you can have the result very soon. There are also many souvenir shop you can browse. As usual try to bargain first before you deal. They are selling so many stuff for souvenir like arts, painting, unique accessories and many other thing.

bedugul souvenir shop
souvenir shop in bedugul
bratan lake
entrance to ulundanu temple bedugul
temple in bratan lake bedugul
bedugul bratan lake garden

2 komentar:

Wisata Murah on December 12, 2010 at 11:25 PM said...

apparently you are a skilled photographer

tour greetings

sansan on December 12, 2010 at 11:54 PM said...

not really, i am just ordinary guy who like to travel and shot some of their picture and then update here. or sometime i also ask some picture from my friend or official website and i will only publish it under their permission.


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