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Friday, December 03, 2010

bali's serious cases : rabies

Well it is not a good news for visitors that planning to go to Bali, but we should tell the story so you wouldn’t feel sorry later. Here in Bali, there are so many living creatures or pets that live in stray or not owned by people. And most of them are in very bad condition. You can see on the picture, they are all ugly and not very well welcomed on houses.

The bad news is, the government isn’t taking this problem seriously. That is why, there are cases about death because of rabies in very large number in each region in Bali. Well, we heard the cases is much more for locals and just very few recorded they have issues on tourist. But the result of it is not come in zero number at all. So you may as well aware of it. Just to be careful on cases. Don’t let you add the number of cases.

Based on the article I read in, they say the rabies has attack 239 villages in Bali. They recorded 75 cases on this 2010. and most of those cases are happen in Karangasem, Buleleng, and Badung. This means, you should be careful when you are in these area.

And the interesting thing here is, most of the victims are man. May be they are all bites by female dogs. Ou joking, don’t take that seriously. I feel sorry for the victims. But this problem is should be taking care with more serious attention.

Oh and yes I forget to add that you can feel relax and not to worry because there are no dogs around the tourism spot. So if you traveling with agent then you should have no problems to worry about. They take care of all the good things here and leave you with no worry to feel. The problem will comes out if you decide to travel by your own. And live near in unprotected urban area. And i will also add, no rabies in Monkey forest Ubud or Monkey forest Sangeh, and also Alas Kedaton. The monkeys on there are all cutes and well behaved. They are all sitting right now and waiting for your visit. So just drop by and say Hello for me.

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