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Saturday, December 04, 2010

a unique villa : bambu indah villa

Bambu Indah Villa

You feel bored with hotels and villas with modern in style and wanted to experience living somewhere that feels very traditional, very naturally, and feel how the local community bali’s living? you could try Bambu Indah villa if so.

Bambu Indah villa is a unique villa. Where most of other villas are in modern style and luxury, Bambu Indah Villa instead use the traditional style but still retaining the luxury and elegant stay. located in the village of Baung, Sayan, 15 minutes south of central Ubud. The villa is comprised of seven unique Javanese houses. These are historic traditional homes built by Javanese tribes over 100 years ago. They are hand-carved teak wood, some intricately painted and all finished with thatched grass roofs. These houses once served as the
residences of a Javanese nobleman (as bridal homes). John Hardy brought them from Java and lovingly restored them to serve as accommodation to many of his guests as well as a private hotel.

They dig a beautiful river and fill it with lava stones. Make it a natural pond complete with the fishes. Clear water, water you can drink. There’s nothing like a natural pool. Surrounded aligned with beautiful big stones from the mountains. Enjoy the pool, don’t be afraid if you run into a fish or two. They’re happy to share the pool with you.

Bambu Indah Villa has 7 kind of Villa which each of it have their own different traditional style.

The Africa House

Is called Africa because of the wonderful furnishings that adorn it which comes from Africa from the rawhide Ethiopian bench to the stools to the wall hanging and wooden trays. This house is the master piece of Bambu Indah, measuring 7 meters long by 6 meters wide not including the very generous porch and private bale next door and over sized bathroom. This room includes a second bed, which can be used as a day bed or for sleeping. The bathroom boasts a very generous rain shower, large full view mirror and a handmade copper tub that fills from the bottom through very beautiful circular holes carved in the hand hammered copper. This house is probably the most private of all four and with the en suite bale, it feels like true privacy is something that can be achieved here. This house is at the southern end of the natural spring fed pool and enjoys the sound of constant running water. The house is surrounded by vegetable gardens which are tended daily by the staffs who will lovingly prepare you a meal from the same not 10 meter in front of the Africa house is a wonderful deck just at the cliff of the Sayan river gorch where two lounge chairs and table are perfect place to have afternoon tea or cocktail.

The Padi House

Padi meaning rice field, has an active rice paddy just enface. This particular house is approximately 8 feet off the ground, and measures 6.5 meters long by 5 meters wide, not including  a very generous porch and super large indoor outdoor bathroom. This particular house has fresh water running past the southern deck which pours into the natural  chemical free swimming pool. The oversized copper spiral rain shower is a dream, and the water pressure in this house is extraordinary. If you like the sound of running water this house is perfect for you. It is one of the large rooms and has room for a second bed.
The furnishings including an oversized mirror and extraordinary cotton batiks,  white checkered linens with the four poster bed and the red Morrocon carpets complimenting the Burmese laquerware, absolutely extraordinary in this very exquisite Padi House.

Kuning House

The Villa House is kuning and Kuning means Yellow.
This is a house probably built for a wife, built in 1829, the carving  date  is still on the door with a heart in it.
It’s a charming little home, a 5 meter wide porch just in front of a natural spring fed pool overlooking the picturesque Sayan river valley and surrounded by  luscious  gardens.
This is a perfect moderately priced house, for a honeymoon couple as it has wonderful antique furnishings and rustic charm. It is 5 by 4 meters, not including the very spacious indoor outdoor bathroom with a generous rain shower and a slatted floor.
The Kuning house is situation just between the Kuno House and the rice field that borders the Padi House.

The Kuno House

Which means Primitive, is 6 meters long by 5 meters wide, not including the generously proportioned porch and ensuite  bathroom with a glass tile roof. This is a more spacious house than the Kuning house, has better light and shares a similar spectacular view of the Sayan river valley. It has 4 poster bed covered by  a  cotton-cheese cloth mosquito net , very elegant and comfortable. This house has an over sized mirror which effectively doubles the virtual space in the room and of course porch has nothing blocking the view from the wonderful Sayan river valley.  There are antique furnishings including   rustic Burmese laquerware in this charming hut. And if you come at the right season the house is surrounded by the famous night blooming Jasmine that only blossoms in the night once every 6 weeks. It is a dream to shower in the indoor outdoor  generous rainshower at the Kuno House.

Elora House

The Elora Room is named after John's first daughter, this room was originally part of the owner's land and house, it was moved piece by piece just next door to Bambu Indah. It is the most light, friendly and generously a portioned room and so far as the glass and wood windows open on two sides and the ceilings 20 feet high. This house is built of iron and red wood and has a large porch overlooking a very large vegetable garden beyond which is the Sayan river gorge. This house is ideal for longer stay for somebody who perhaps have some work. The room is 5.5 by 6.5 meters wide and has a private indoor outdoor bath surrounded by mud walls covered with traditional Indonesian tiles. The airflow is good in this room, curtains cascading around the room and the bed are gorgeous blue and white and the bedding is or course wonderful. This room has some mud love Tibetan carpets and antique Chinese and Javanese furniture, truly a paradise.

The Java Lama

The Java Lama is the first house that the owner placed on the property in the year of 2000. It reeks of charm with wood shingle combined with glass ceiling, wonderful day light and beautifully carved wooden floor and wall panels. The actual bedroom is only 3.5 meter wide by 6.5 meter length give you the spaciousness allows for maximum comfort cascading cotton mosquito nets adorn the king size bed and massive double doors open out to a very closed in private porch. Outside of which is an iron wood deck perfect for practicing yoga in privacy in the mornings. The outside porch has a table and chairs to experienced breakfast and a bench for reading in the late afternoons. The house is actually surrounded by a deck on 4 sides which enables you to have a world of your very own.

The Kolam House

The Kolam House which means Pond House, has its own pond and its very own bale deck with orange cushions. There is a wonderful Ganesha statue in the garden in the front pony tree; you step across 5 stones through a pond to reach the Kolam House. Which when you come through the threshold invite you to a very well lit and warmly comfortable room. The room itself, although it is only 4 by 6 meters, is beautiful and comfortable.

All of the villas above is so interesting and will add new experience for your holiday in Bali. If you interested to see more gallery, rates, and reservation, you can directly visit their official homepage at or if you want to directly contact them, you can try on phone line : +62 361 977922 , +62 361 974357, fax: +62 361 974404 or on skype: bambuindah. Or directly come to their office at Banjar Baung, Desa Sayan Ubud 80571 Gianyar, Bali Indonesia

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dee on December 5, 2010 at 2:30 PM said...

I Love it!

sansan on December 5, 2010 at 8:00 PM said...

yes, they are really unique. you should try it some day.

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