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Monday, November 15, 2010

see the sunset in bali

see the sunset in bali

Bali is your place to watch the sunset

For all of you, who live in urban areas with many tall buildings, watch the sunset is a difficult thing for you. So in your opportunity, when you are on a holiday to Bali, see the sunset from a certain place which I will mention in my post this time to add your experience and good memory during your vacation in bali. Or maybe you're planning to vacation in Bali island, then following notes may be an additional information to complete your agenda during your vacation in Bali later.

Sunset and Bali are two words that are very attached to the tourists from various parts of the world. One more word that is actually attached is honeymoon. I've write this on one of my previous post here, but this time I want to discuss the place where you can see the beautiful sunset in Bali.

Beach is a nice place to see sunset

The beach is beautiful to see the sunset. Because of on the beach you can see immediately clear how the sun slowly sank and disappeared from sight. The orange and romantic atmosphere is the moment that waits by the tourists for the capture and couples who want a romantic atmosphere to further enhance their mood.

Some beaches are nice to see the sunset is the beach as following


Legian or Kuta beach, who does not know this beach? Exoticism of Kuta beach has become a legend and very popular among tourists. Try searching for information about tourism in Bali island that does not include the name of Kuta beach in it, you certainly will find it hard to find. The white sand and the sun beds or beach chairs to be a complement to you to enjoy the sun goes down. Some places like Hard Rock and restaurant by the beach in kuta coastline provides an exclusive place for those of you who want to see and feel the beautiful moment.

Jimbaran beach, Jimbaran is the most strategic place according to the results of our survey of couples and tourists who want to see the sunset in a calm and comfortable. Because along the Jimbaran beach, there are so many cafes that could be your choice to enjoy the sunset. Even after sunset, you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner from the coast of the beach. The menu offered is dominant seafood. But for those of you who do not like seafood, there is a menu of other dishes that can be alternatives such as chicken and fried rice.

Uluwatu beach, the tourists are very rarely enjoy the sunset at this beach. It can be understandable considering visiting Uluwatu tour schedule usually ranges from early morning until noon. They are prioritized to see the sights of temples and the monkeys that roaming around, and Rocky coast scenery. Activities see the sunset will be switch to Tanah Lot depends on the Tour menu you choose. In the afternoon Uluwatu beach is also in high tidal conditions. High water sometimes makes it difficult for tourists to see the sunset from the beach. But if you are one lucky tourist, see the sunset from the beach Uluwatu will be a special experience that you will never forget.

Tanah Lot beach, this place is really famous and is one list that you would find in a package tour in each travel in Bali. Apart from being a place to pray for the people of Hindu, Tanah lot beach is also a favorite place to watch the sunset. This beach provides a place for you to watch the sunset with a more relaxed and more comfort. Usually a package tour that includes visits to the Tanah lot will put the schedule of the visit in the list at the end of the tour program, because Tanah lot more prioritized for activities to watch the sunset.

Brawa beach, well comparing to other beach I mention above, brawa beach is not very attached to tourist. But brawa has its own unique interesting thing to offer to its visitors. Yes, it is the sunset and a place for surfers. Even not much tourist comes to brawa to see sunset but the sunset in brawa is good and beautiful.

Hours to view the sunset

The Sunset duration will be from five o'clock until half past seven in the evening. The peak of its beauty will be seen around the six o’clock or when the sky began to change its color to orange. If you intend to view the sunset, make sure you have been in place at the hour mentioned above.

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